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  1. I laughed at your critique. One of my poor friends watched her nieces who looooooove Frozen. I agree about the music from Hunchback of Norte Dame and its recurrent themes, versus the songs in Frozen. At least when my nieces were little, Mulan and Tangled were the faves. (Tangled in Spanish has the better singing and the healing spell song was more poetic btw.)

    You noticed laziness in the writing, but I noticed that the animators were lazy several times; e.g. characters struggling uphill through deep snow with immaculate snow behind them instead of footprints. So slapped-together after the gorgeous animation in the first scene.

    I found it ironic that Elsa was supposed to learn intense self-control but Anna has none.

    1. You’re so right about the animation. We could have easily made the episode twice as long talking about things like that, so I’m glad you mentioned it.

      And I can’t believe I didn’t notice that no one else makes Ana learn any control! Are the filmmakers trying to say we should all be as uninhibited as her or was it just more laziness? An interesting question.

      Thanks so much for listening!

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