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  1. So, the FBI and cops had nothing to hold him on…
    But they heard him theorizing about the rest of the survivors dying, multiple times, and even plans about what order they’d die in. After two of the survivors DO wind up dead, why don’t the FBI take the rest into protective custody? Once this definite list of people starts dying off, in weird ways, you’d think the authorities would take interest. I mean, for all they know, the deaths could have been arranged by the mortician or some other Death cultist who is attempted to make sure that the survivors don’t thwart Death’s plans. They’d take at least basic precautions on the others, with security ramping up as they still continue to die, right?
    You’d think that this would be even more likely once it becomes a trend across multiple movies. A group survives a deadly accident because of a premonition, and then they all die in random ways a few weeks later. Someone should take notice of this pattern.

    And I think they had to include the “you get skipped if you thwart Death” thing. Because if Death was SO tetchy about the order people die in, their survival would mean having to put deaths on hold across the world. No one else could die until they do.

    Great analysis, though. And it is nice to hear someone asking about where the visions come from. They don’t seem to actually accomplish anything except to sadistically toy with the survivors, because they all die anyway. So what’s the point? Who sends them and why? It’s a shame the movies never explored that.

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